Sharp AL-1551 All in One Printer User Manual

When ordering supplies, please use the correct part numbers as listed below.
Be sure to use only genuine SHARP parts and supplies.
For best copying results, be sure to use only SHARP Genuine Supplies which
are designed, engineered, and tested to maximize the life and performance of
SHARP copiers. Look for the Genuine Supplies label on the toner package.
Supply list
Supply Part number Usable life
TD cartridge AL-100TD Approx. 6,000 sheets*
AL-110TD Approx. 4,000 sheets*
Drum cartridge AL-100DR Approx. 18,000 sheets
* Based on copying onto letter-type paper at 5% toned area
(The life of the TD cartridge which has been included in the copier at the factory is
approximately 2,000 sheets.)
Proper storage
1. Store the supplies in a location that is:
clean and dry,
at a stable temperature,
not exposed to direct sunlight.
2. Store copy paper in the wrapper and lying flat.
Paper stored out of the wrapper or in packages standing on end may curl or get damp,
resulting in paper misfeeds.