Sharp AL-1551 All in One Printer User Manual

Supplies and user maintenance
This chapter describes how to replace the TD cartridge and the drum cartridge.
Be sure to use only genuine SHARP parts and supplies.
The TD cartridge replacement required ( ) indicator will light up when toner is needed. For
more information on purchasing the TD cartridge, see SUPPLY PART NUMBERS AND
STORAGE on page 46. If copying is continued while the indicator is lit, copies will gradually
become lighter until the copier stops and the indicator begins blinking. Replace the old TD
cartridge by following the procedure given below.
After the copier stops, it may be possible to make a few more copies by
taking the TD cartridge out of the copier, shaking it horizontally, then reinstalling
it. If copying is not possible after this operation, replace the TD cartridge.
During long copy run of a dark original, the ready ( ) indicator may blink,
the indicator light up, and the copier stop, even though toner is left. The
copier will feed toner up to 2 minutes and then the ready ( ) indicator will
light up. Press the print ( ) key to restart copying.
Ensure that the bypass tray is open and then open the side cover while pressing the
side cover open button.
Then, push gently on both sides of the front cover to open the cover.
Gently pull the TD cartridge out while pressing the lock release button. Dispose of the
old TD cartridge in accordance with local regulations.
Lock release button