Sharp AL-1551 All in One Printer User Manual

Copier trouble?
This chapter describes misfeed removal and troubleshooting.
When the misfeed ( ) indicator blinks or blinks in the display, the copier will stop because
of a misfeed.
If a misfeed occurs when using the RSPF, a number may appear in the display after a minus
sign. This indicates the number of the originals that must be returned to the document feeder
tray after a misfeed. Return the required number of originals. Then this number will disappear
when copying is resumed or the clear ( ) key is pressed.
When the RSPF misfeeds an original sheet, the copier will stop and the RSPF misfeed ( )
indicator will blink, while the misfeed ( ) indicator will remain off. For a misfeed of originals in
the RSPF, see E Misfeed in the RSPF on page 39.
If the copier is turned on with the lower side cover open, the misfeed ( )
indicator will blink. In this case, close the lower side cover. The misfeed ( )
indicator will go out.
Ensure that the bypass tray is open and then open the side cover while pressing the
side cover open button.
Check the misfeed location. Remove the misfed paper following the instructions for
each location in the illustration below.
If blinks in the display, proceed to A Misfeed in the paper feed area. (p. 36)
If paper is misfed here, proceed to “A
Misfeed in the paper feed area”. (p. 36)
If paper is misfed here, proceed to “D Misfeed in the
lower paper feed area”. (p. 38)
If paper is misfed here, proceed to “B
Misfeed in the fusing area”. (p. 36)
If the misfed paper is seen from
this side, proceed to “C Misfeed
in the transport area”. (p. 37)