Apple 1705 Display Computer Monitor User Manual

For your greatest comfort, use the following illustration to help you in
positioning your display.
Do you need a video card?
To use your display, you need compatible video circuitry built into your
computer or a compatible video card installed in your computer. If you are
unsure whether your computer has the appropriate built-in video capability,
check with an Apple-authorized dealer or service provider.
If your computer does not have the video capability necessary to use this
display, you need to purchase a video card. (Video cards are available from an
Apple-authorized dealer or service provider.) Install the video card before you
connect the display to your computer. To install a video card in one of the
expansion slots inside your computer, see the manual that came with your
computer or video card.
Do you need an adapter connector? Some models of Macintosh computers
with built-in video and some third-party video cards require an adapter
connector to connect the display to the computer. You can acquire an adapter
connector from an Apple-authorized dealer or service provider.
Thighs horizontal
Shoulders relaxed
Screen positioned to avoid
reflected glare
Forearms and hands
in a straight line
Forearms level
or tilted up slightly
Lower back supported
Feet flat on the floor
Top of the screen at or slightly
below eye level (You may need
to adjust the height of your
display by placing something
under it or by raising your
work surface.)
Clearance under work surface
45–70 cm (18–28 in.)
Setting Up