Apple 1705 Display Computer Monitor User Manual

For your greatest comfort, use the following illustration to help you position
your display.
Connecting the display to your IBM PC-compatible computer
Use these instructions to connect the display to your computer.
Note: If you need to use a video card with your computer, install the card
before you connect the display to your computer.
Before you connect any cords or cables, make sure that your
computer is turned off and unplugged.
If your display is equipped with a three-wire grounding
plug—a plug that has a third (grounding) pin—this plug will fit only a
grounded AC outlet. This is a safety feature. If you are unable to insert
the plug into the outlet, contact a licensed electrician to replace the
outlet with a properly grounded outlet. Do not defeat the purpose of the
grounding plug!
Thighs horizontal
Shoulders relaxed
Screen positioned to avoid
reflected glare
Forearms and hands
in a straight line
Forearms level
or tilted up slightly
Lower back supported
Feet flat on the floor
Top of the screen at or slightly
below eye level (You may need
to adjust the height of your
display by placing something
under it or by raising your
work surface.)
Clearance under work surface
45–70 cm (18–28 in.)
Appendix B