Apple 1705 Display Computer Monitor User Manual

User controls
m Power-on switch
m Automatic degauss at power-up; manual degauss by pressing the Degauss
m Buttons and controls: Select, Up, Down, Brightness, Contrast
m Additional picture controls available using the Select button: horizontal
and vertical shift, horizontal and vertical size, picture curvature, side
Active video image area
m Adjusted at the factory for the following standard modes:
Mode Resolution Vertical refresh rate Horizontal scan rate
(hertz) (kilohertz)
VGA 640x480 60 31.5
Macintosh 640x480 67 35.0
VESA 640x480 75 37.5
VESA EVGA 800x600 75 46.88
EVGA 60 800x600 60 37.88
Macintosh 832x624 75 49.74
Macintosh 1024x768 75 60.24
Input electrical requirements
m Voltage 100–240 volts (V)
m Frequency 50/60 hertz (Hz)
m Power 100 watts (W) maximum
Appendix A