Apple 1705 Display Computer Monitor User Manual

Chapter 2
5 Click Select to return to the main window of the ColorSync control panel.
6 Close the ColorSync control panel by clicking the close box in the upper-left corner.
Configuring the Control Strip
With the Control Strip control panel, you can show and hide the Control Strip
and choose a keyboard command to show/hide the Control Strip. You can also
choose the font that appears in the Control Strip menus.
Showing and hiding the Control Strip
To show or hide the Control Strip, follow these steps:
1 Choose Control Panels from the Apple (
) menu.
2 Double-click the Control Strip icon to open it.
The Control Strip control panel appears.
3 To show or hide the Control Strip, click the button labeled Show Control Strip or Hide
Control Strip.
The change takes effect immediately.
4 Click the close box to close the control panel.