Apple 1705 Display Computer Monitor User Manual

Choosing a good location for your display
Here are some key factors to consider when determining where to place
your display:
m Be sure that the desk or table can support the display’s weight—
approximately 45.2 pounds (20.5 kilograms).
m Make sure that the power cord and display cable will reach from the back
of the display to your computer.
m The display cable should be unobstructed when you swivel and tilt the
display, so allow at least 7 inches (17.5 cm) of clearance in the back. If you
don’t allow enough clearance, the display connector might be damaged
when the cable hits an obstruction.
Positioning the display
When you unpack or move the display, don’t set the display down
at an angle; you might damage the display stand.
Once your display is in place on a desk or table, follow these steps:
1 Place the display so that the screen faces you.
2 Adjust the viewing angle of the display by tilting it up or down and turning it left or right
on its stand.
Position the display so that when you use it, no bright light is behind the
display or reflected on the screen. Your eyes should be about level with the
top edge of the screen and between 18 and 28 inches (45 to 70 cm) away.
Take occasional breaks when using your computer to focus your eyes on a
distant object.
Setting Up for IBM PC-Compatible Users