Apple 1705 Display Computer Monitor User Manual

This display works with most IBM PC-compatible computers equipped with
VGA (Video Graphics Array) or greater capability. You may need to install a
video card to use the display with your computer. For more information, see
the manuals that came with your computer.
The display is preadjusted and works with any computer that has the
following timing ranges:
m horizontal scan rate of 31–65 kilohertz
m vertical refresh rate of 47–120 hertz
In addition, this display also works at the following VESA (Video Electronics
Standards Association) standard modes:
Resolution Vertical refresh rate (hertz)
640 x 480 60 (VGA)
640 x 480 75 (VGA)
800 x 600 60 (SVGA)
800 x 600 75 (SVGA)
These are preassigned resolutions; your computer may support other
resolutions within this range. See the manual that came with your computer
or video card to determine which resolutions are supported.
If you don’t use a preassigned resolution, you’ll need to adjust screen
geometry to match the new resolution. For more information, see “Making
Adjustments to the Picture” in Chapter 3.
Setting Up for IBM PC-Compatible Users