Apple 1705 Display Computer Monitor User Manual

After you change the screen resolution, a window is stuck, halfway off the screen, or
missing; or you can’t see the whole screen.
Try one of the following:
m If you changed the resolution in the control panel, make sure the control
panel is closed before trying to use another window.
m Quit the program whose window is missing and then open it again.
m If the program has a Windows menu, use it to hide the problem window
and then show it again.
m Go back to the resolution you were using, close the window, change the
resolution, and then reopen the window.
m Try another resolution.
If you have problems with a particular program, contact the publisher of that
program. Not all programs take advantage of the Multiple Scan Display’s new
After you change the number of colors displayed on the screen, the colors don’t
look right.
Try one of the following:
m Quit the program you’re running and start it again.
m Go back to the number of colors you were using.
After you change the screen resolution, icons move.
Changing the screen resolution affects how information can be displayed on
your screen. The display software may automatically reposition icons after
you change the screen resolution.
After you attached a new monitor to your computer, the new monitor’s screen is blank or
shows “garbage” or “snow.”
The computer may not have recognized the monitor. Try the following: Turn
off the computer and disconnect the new monitor. Start the computer with no
monitor attached. Wait a minute or so for the computer to finish turning itself
on. Turn off the computer again and reattach the new monitor.
Tips and Troubleshooting