Apple MC238LL/A Personal Computer User Manual

Chapter 1
Ready, Set Up, Go
Getting Additional Information onto Your Mac mini
Your Mac mini comes with several applications installed, including the iLife suite. Many
other applications can be downloaded from the Internet. If you want to install third-
party applications from a DVD or CD, you can install applications onto your Mac mini or
share information using the optical disc drive on another Mac or Windows computer (if
DVD or CD Sharing is set up and enabled). Read the next section for more information.
Sharing Discs with DVD or CD Sharing
You can enable DVD or CD Sharing on a Mac or Windows computer to use the Remote
Disc feature of your Mac mini. Remote Disc allows you to share the discs you insert into
the optical disc drive of the other computer. Some discs, such as DVD movies and
game discs, may be copy-protected and therefore unusable through DVD or CD
Make sure DVD or CD Sharing is enabled on any Mac or Windows computer you want
to partner with. For information, see page 17.
To enable DVD or CD Sharing, if your other computer is a Mac:
Make sure the other Mac and your Mac mini are on the same wireless network.
Check the AirPort (Z
) status icon in the menu bar to see what network you’re
connected to.