Apple MC238LL/A Personal Computer User Manual

Chapter 3 Problem, Meet Solution 43
Installing Applications
If you reinstall Mac OS X on your computer and select the “Erase and Install” option,
you must reinstall the applications that came with your computer, such as the iLife
To install the applications that came with your computer:
1 Back up your important files.
2 Insert the Applications Install DVD that came with your computer.
3 Double-click Install Bundled Software.
4 Follow the onscreen instructions.
5 When the installation is complete, click Close.
Reinstalling Software Using Remote Install Mac OS X
Use Remote Install Mac OS X on the partner computer whose optical disc drive you
want to share when you want to do any of the following tasks on your Mac mini:
 Reinstall Mac OS X and other software that came with your Mac mini
 Reset your password
 Use Disk Utility to repair the Mac mini hard disk
Installation instructions for this and other components of the DVD or CD Sharing Setup
software are on page 17.