Apple MC238LL/A Personal Computer User Manual

32 Chapter 2 Life with Your Mac mini
Using the Apple Remote
With the optional Apple Remote you can play music from your iTunes music library,
watch photo slideshows and QuickTime movie trailers, play a DVD with DVD Player, and
more—all from across the room.
Your Apple Remote can:
 Navigate in iTunes, iPhoto, and DVD Player.
 Put to sleep or wake your Mac mini.
To use your Apple Remote:
 Press the Play/Pause () button to play or pause a song, slideshow, or movie.
 Press the Next/Fast-forward () or Previous/Rewind () button to skip to the next or
previous song in your iTunes library or the next or previous chapter in a DVD movie.
 Hold down the Next/Fast-forward () or Previous/Rewind () button to fast-forward
or rewind within a song or a movie.
 Press the Volume Up () or Volume Down (D) button to adjust the volume.
Pairing Your Apple Remote
If you have multiple computers or other devices with built-in IR receivers in a room
(for example, more than one Mac mini in a home office or lab), you can “pair” your
Apple Remote with a specific computer or device. Pairing sets up the receiving
computer or device so it’s controlled by only one remote.
To pair your Apple Remote with your Mac mini:
1 Move very close to your Mac mini (within 3 to 4 inches or 8 to 10 cm).
2 Point the Apple Remote at the front of your Mac mini.