Apple MC238LL/A Personal Computer User Manual

48 Chapter 3 Problem, Meet Solution
To use Apple Hardware Test:
1 Disconnect all external devices from your Mac mini, except the keyboard and mouse.
If you have an Ethernet cable connected, disconnect it.
2 Restart your Mac mini while holding down the D key.
3 When the Apple Hardware Test chooser screen appears, select the language you want
to use.
4 Press the Return key or click the right arrow button.
5 When the Apple Hardware Test main screen appears (after about 45 seconds), follow
the onscreen instructions.
6 If Apple Hardware Test detects a problem, it displays an error code. Make a note of the
error code before pursuing support options. If Apple Hardware Test doesn’t detect a
hardware failure, the problem may be software-related.
If this procedure doesn’t work, you can insert the Applications Install DVD that came
with your Mac mini to use Apple Hardware Test. For more information, see the Apple
Hardware Test Read Me file on the Applications Install DVD.
Problems with Your Internet Connection
Your Mac mini has the Setup Assistant application to help walk you through setting up
an Internet connection. Open System Preferences and click Network. Click the “Assist
me” button to open Network Setup Assistant.
If you have trouble with your Internet connection, you can try the steps in this section
for your type of connection or you can use Network Diagnostics.