Philips LC4242 Projector User Manual

The projector can be used in various positions with respect to
the viewers and the projection screen. With the MIRROR
function the picture can be displayed in a way that is suitable for
a specific application.
Rear screen projection
The image can be flipped to a horizontal mirror image of the
input signal for rear screen projection.
Front projection
Rear projection
Ceiling-mount projection
The projector is equipped with an upside-down scan function
(vertical mirror), which allows the image to be flipped when the
projector is mounted upside down to the ceiling.
Ceiling projection
Press MENU.
The menu bar appears on the screen.
Use Cursor Control to select PICTURE in the menu bar.
Use Cursor Control to select MIRROR from the sub menu.
Use Cursor Control to select the correct setting for your
application. This is the setting at which the letters AB are
correctly projected ( ).
Press OK (/––) to confirm and store the selection.
If required, select another item you wish to adjust or press
MENU to exit.
Audio Control
The projectors sound is set to standard specifications at the
factory. However, you can adjust the sound to suit your own
preferences by using the AUDIO CONTROL feature.
The following adjustments can be made:
Volume adjusts the sound level;
Bass adjusts the bass tones;
Treble adjusts the high tones;
Mute mutes the sound of the projector (or an externally
connected loudspeaker).
Select the required input (Data, Video or S-Video).
Press MENU.
The menu bar appears on the screen.
Use Cursor Control to select AUDIO in the menu bar.
Use Cursor Control to select the item to be adjusted.
Use Cursor Control to make the required adjustment in the
action window.
If required, select the next item to be adjusted or press
MENU to exit.
Notes: The volume can also be adjusted with the VOLUME +
buttons on the projector or on the remote control.
When the projector is connected to an amplifier or
stereo system, the volume must be adjusted on the
amplifier or stereo system.
Always reduce/check the volume setting of connected amplifiers
before switching off (A/V) mute, to prevent damage to speakers.
8. Operation
Display and picture control/Audio control