Sharp AL-2040CS All in One Printer User Manual

Windows 98/Me/2000
To scan directly into an application using the Button Manager on Windows 98,
Windows Me and Windows 2000. Set the Event Manager properties to send only to
Button Manager as shown below.
Click the "Start" button, select "Control Panel" from "Settings",
and open "Scanners and Cameras" in start menu.
Select "SHARP AL-2040CS", and click the "Properties" button.
In Windows Me, right click "SHARP AL-2040CS" and click "Properties" in
the menu that appears.
In the "Properties" screen, click the
"Events" tab.
Click the "Scanner events" button and
select "ScanMenu SC1" from the pull-down
menu. Select "Sharp Button Manager P" in
"Send to this application" and click "Apply".
Repeat step 4 to set "ScanMenu SC2" through "ScanMenu
Click the "Scanner events" and select "ScanMenu SC2" from the pull-down
menu. Select "Sharp Button Manager P" in "Start this program" and click
"Apply". Do the same for each ScanMenu through "ScanMenu SC6".
When the settings have been completed, click the "OK" button to close the
screen. When the settings have been completed in Windows, start the
Button Manager. Adjust detailed settings and then scan an image from the
unit. For the procedures for starting Button Manager and adjusting settings,
see "Scan Button Destination Setting Dialog Box" (Next page).
In Windows Me, it occasionally happens that the "Scanners and
Cameras" icon does not appear immediately after installation of the MFP
driver is completed. If the icon does not appear, click "View all Control
Panel options" in the Control Panel and display the "Scanner and
Cameras" icon.
If other applications are shown,
deselect the checkboxes for the other
applications and leave only the Button
Manager checkbox selected. 37 ページ 2007年4月6日 金曜日 午前11時32分