Sharp AL-1631 All in One Printer User Manual

Close the front cover and then the side cover by pressing the
round projections near the side cover open button. The indicator
( ) will go out and the start ( ) indicator will light up.
The useful life of the drum cartridge is approximately 18,000 copies. When the
internal counter reaches approximately 17,000 copies, the drum replacement
required ( ) indicator will light up indicating that replacement of the drum cartridge
will be needed soon. For more information on purchasing the drum cartridge, see
"ABOUT SUPPLIES AND OPTIONS" (p.70). When the indicator begins to blink, the
unit will stop operating until the cartridge is replaced. Replace the drum cartridge at
this time.
Remove the TD cartridge (see "TD CARTRIDGE
Hold the drum cartridge handle and
gently pull the cartridge out. Dispose
of the old drum cartridge in
accordance with local regulations.
Remove the new drum cartridge from the protective bag and
remove the protective cover from the cartridge. Then gently
install the new drum cartridge.
When closing the covers, be sure to close the front cover securely and
then close the side cover. If the covers are closed in the wrong order,
the covers may be damaged.
Do not remove the protective cover on the drum portion (black paper) of
a new drum cartridge before use. The cover protects the drum against
external light.
Do not touch the surface of the drum (green portion) of the
cartridge. Doing so may cause smudges on the copies.
Drum cartridge handle