Lenovo 09144DU Laptop User Manual

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Power management
Note: Power management modes are not supported for APM operating system.
To reduce power consumption, the computer has three power management
modes: screen blank, sleep (standby), and hibernation.
Screen blank mode
If the time set on the “Turn off monitor” timer in the operating system expires,
the LCD backlight turns off. You can also turn off the LCD backlight by pressing
To end screen blank mode and resume normal operation, press any key.
Sleep (standby) mode
When the computer enters sleep (standby) mode, the following events occur in
addition to what occurs in screen blank mode:
The LCD is powered off.
The hard disk drive is powered off.
The CPU stops.
To enter sleep (standby) mode, press Fn+F1.
In certain circumstances, the computer goes into sleep (standby) mode
If a “suspend time” has been set on the timer, and the user does not do any
operation with the keyboard, the hard disk, the parallel connector, or the
diskette drive within that time.
If the battery indicator is amber, indicating that the battery power is low.
(Alternatively, if Hibernate when battery becomes low has been selected
in the “Power Management Properties” window, the computer goes into
hibernation mode.)
To cause the computer to return from sleep (standby) mode and resume the
operation, do one of the following:
Press the Fn key.
Open the lid.
Turn on the power switch.
Also, in the following event, the computer automatically returns from sleep
(standby) mode and resumes the operation:
The time set on the resume timer elapses.
Note: The computer does not accept any input immediately after it enters
sleep (standby) mode. Wait a few seconds before taking any action to reenter
operation mode.