Lenovo 09144DU Laptop User Manual

Ideapad Z560/Z565 Hardware Maintenance Manual
Fn key combinations
The following table shows the function of each combination of Fn with a
function key.
Table 4. Fn key combinations
Key combination Description
Fn + Esc: Turn on/off the integrated camera.
Fn + F1: Enter sleep mode.
Fn + F2: Turn on/off the backlight of the LCD screen.
Fn + F3:
Open the interface for the display device switch to select
this notebook or an external display.
Fn + F4: Open the interface for display resolution settings.
Fn + F5:
Open the interface for integrated wireless devices settings
Fn + F6: Enable/Disable the touchpad.
Fn + F9: Start/Pause playback of Windows Media Player.
Fn + F10: Stop playback of Windows Media Player.
Fn + F11: Skip to the previous track.
Fn + F12: Skip to the next track.
Fn + Insert: Enable/Disable the scroll lock.
Fn + PrtSc: Activate the system request.
Fn + Home: Activate the pause function.
Fn + End: Activate the break function.
Fn + / : Increase/Decrease display brightness.
Fn + / : Increase/Decrease sound volume.