Lenovo 09144DU Laptop User Manual

Lenovo IdeaPad Z560/Z565
Removing and replacing an FRU
This section presents exploded gures with the instructions to indicate how to
remove and replace the FRU. Make sure to observe the following general rules:
1. Do not attempt to service any computer unless you have been trained and
certied. An untrained person runs the risk of damaging parts.
2. Before replacing any FRU, review “FRU replacement notices” on page 35.
3. Begin by removing any FRUs that have to be removed before the failing
FRU. Any of such FRUs are listed at the top of the page. Remove them in
the order in which they are listed.
4. Follow the correct sequence in the steps to remove the FRU, as given in the
gures by the numbers in square callouts.
5. When turning a screw to replace an FRU, turn it in the direction as given by
the arrow in the gure.
6. When removing the FRU, move it in the direction as given by the arrow in
the gure.
7. To put the new FRU in place, reverse the removal procedures and follow
any of the notes that pertain to replacement. For information about
connecting and arranging internal cables, see “Locations” on page 75.
8. When replacing an FRU, use the correct screw as shown in the procedures.
Before removing any FRU, turn off the computer, unplug all power cords from
electrical outlets, remove the battery pack, and then disconnect any of the
interconnecting cables.
Attention: After replacing an FRU, do not turn on the computer until you have
made sure that all screws, springs, and other small parts are in place and none
are loose inside the computer. Verify this by shaking the computer gently and
listening for rattling sounds. Metallic parts or metal akes can cause electrical
short circuits.
Attention: The system board is sensitive to, and can be damaged by,
electrostatic discharge. Before touching it, establish personal grounding by
touching a ground point with one hand or using an electrostatic discharge (ESD)
strap (P/N 6405959) to remove potential shock reasons.