Panasonic KX-MB772CX Printer User Manual

KX-MB262CX or KX-MB772CX may not be available in some areas.
KX-MB772 only:
L This unit is compatible with Caller ID. To use this feature, you must subscribe to the
appropriate service of your service provider.
L Be sure to use the telephone line cord included in this unit.
L This model is designed to be used in Middle East, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Asia, New Zealand,
Africa and Latin America according to the location setting feature. The default setting is
Middle East. To change the location setting, see page 54 (feature #114).
Operating Instructions
Multi-Function Printer
Model No. KX-MB262CX
Do NOT connect the USB cable until prompted by the Multi-Function Station (CD-ROM).
This pictured model is KX-MB262.