Philips DPM-9350 Microcassette Recorder User Manual

Chapter 2: Introducing the DPM 7
LCD display
The DPM 9350/00 has a high-quality graphical LCD display. You will see the
following symbols:
Standard Play mode
Long Play mode
AM symbol (hours before noon)
PM symbol (hours after noon)
Fast Rewind
Fast Forward
Record Standby
Voice-activated recording
EOL (End-of-Letter)
Write-protected SD card
Insert mode
Batteries: 100%
Batteries: 80%
Batteries: 60%
Batteries: 40%
Batteries: 20%
Batteries: empty
The status indication bar may appear as follows (note that the following
overview only lists the most common displays of the status indication bar):
A dictation is being recorded.
A sound file is being played back.
A section of the sound file is marked for deletion.
The whole sound file is marked for deletion.