Philips DPM-9350 Microcassette Recorder User Manual

28 DPM 9350/00 - User Manual
Power Save mode
If the DPM is left inactive for more than 4 minutes, it goes automatically into
Power Save mode and the display is turned off. You can reactivate the DPM by
pressing any button or moving the 4-Position Switch. This does not initiate the
function of the corresponding button. The only exception is if you move the 4-
Position Switch to the Play position; this will start playback.
When the device has been reactivated, it will either display the start screen or
reenter the mode which was active before it entered the Power Save mode.
Note: If you have voice-activated recording enabled and the DPM is in
Record Standby mode, the device will go into Power Save mode after
60 minutes.