Philips DPM-9350 Microcassette Recorder User Manual

42 DPM 9350/00 - User Manual
Chapter 5: Advanced Operations
This chapter introduces you to some of the more advanced aspects of the DPM:
Assigning Keywords
Transferring data between the DPM and a PC
Note: These functions are only available when using the DPM 9350/00
together with DPM Download/Configuration program.
Assigning Keywords
The DPM allows you to personalize your dictations via predefined Keywords.
For this purpose, you create a configuration file on the PC using the
Download/Configuration program. For DPM 9350/00 this configuration file can
have up to two Keywords defined to be used on the DPM.
Keywords are a combination of their usage definition and the content definitions
for that usage. All this information is stored in the configuration file which is
transferred to the DPM. On the DPM, the authors can select from the predefined
entries and assign them to their dictations. These entries are saved together
with the dictation and can finally be used by the transcriptionist for filtering the
For more information about DPM Keywords, refer to the DPM
Download/Configuration Online Help.
Example: The first Keyword can have the usage Author. The entries, this is the
content, for this Keyword would then be a selection of author's names: Jones,
Singh, Watson etc. The second Keyword can have the usage Subject. The
entries for this Keyword would then be a selection of possible subject areas:
Radiology, Surgery, Patient etc. This information is transferred to the