Philips DPM-9350 Microcassette Recorder User Manual

12 DPM 9350/00 - User Manual
Formatting the memory card
When you insert a new, unformatted memory card, the following screen is
To confirm and start the formatting process, press the DEL button for at least
2 seconds. If you want to cancel the formatting process, either remove the
memory card or move the 4-Position Switch.
Note: The memory card delivered with your DPM 9350/00 has already
been preformatted.
Important: Any memory card used with the DPM should be formatted by
the DPM itself and not any other device.
For more information about reformatting the memory card, refer to the
corresponding section in the DPM menu chapter in this manual.
Full memory card
If only 2 minutes of recording time are left on the memory card, the remaining
time on the DPM display will start to blink. When the memory card is full, a
warning is displayed and the device beeps; recording stops.