Philips DPM-9350 Microcassette Recorder User Manual

Chapter 4: Basic Operations 39
Recording format (Standard Play/Long Play)
The recording format (Standard Play and Long Play) determines the recording
speed and audio quality of the recorded sound files..
Standard Play mode
Long Play mode
The default setting is Standard Play (SP). For more information about changing
this setting, refer to the corresponding section in the DPM menu chapter in this
Note: Only one format can be selected for each file; the format for a file
can be changed as long as no recording has been done in the file.
After recording has been done in the file, it is possible to switch between
the Standard Play and Long Play audio format on the DPM display. This
change will not take effect for the current file but from the next new file
onwards. From that point on, any new files are recorded in the selected
audio format until the setting is changed again.
The values for the two formats are as follows:
Standard Play (SP) 13.7 kbit/s
With this format, about 156 minutes of recording time are available on a 16 MB
memory card. This recording format provides excellent audio quality. It is
recommended when the dictation sound files are used, for example, for speech
Long Play (LP) 9.1 kbit/s
This recording format provides good audio quality. With this format, about
234 minutes of recording time are available on a 16 MB memory card.