Philips DPM-9350 Microcassette Recorder User Manual

44 DPM 9350/00 - User Manual
5. To assign a second Keyword, move the Jog Dial to display this Keyword's
usage definition, for example: Subject
6. Confirm the Keyword selection by pressing the Jog Dial. The Keyword's
content definitions are displayed, for example: Radiology, Surgery,
7. Move the Jog Dial to scroll to the subject you want to assign.
8. Confirm your selection by pressing the Jog Dial and to return to the DPM
main menu.
The selected Keyword definitions will be stored with your dictation. Any new
dictation you create will be assigned the same information unless you select
different Keyword definitions.
You can select different Keyword definitions as long as no recording has been
done in the file. After recording has been done in the file, it is possible to choose
different Keyword definitions on the DPM display. These changes will not take
effect for the current file but from the next new file onwards.
Note: If the DPM goes into Power Save mode while assigning Keywords,
the DPM is reactivated in Stop mode. Any unconfirmed Keyword
assignments will have been discarded. You have to access the DPM
menu and repeat the Keyword assignment.