Philips DPM-9350 Microcassette Recorder User Manual

Chapter 3: Getting Started 11
For activating the device when it has already been in use, there are the
following options:
If the Lock/Hold switch was activated, unlock the device.
If the device has gone into Power Save mode (the device has been left
inactive for for more than 4 minutes), activate the device by pressing any
button or by moving the 4-Position Switch.
If the DPM has been left inactive for more than 2 hours, it is automatically
turned off. In this case, it can only be turned on via the Lock/Hold switch
(OFF-ON functionality).
Memory card
The DPM 9350/00 operates with a memory card of the type MMC or SD. The
DPM supports MMC and SD cards of all storage capacities. It is delivered with a
16 MB memory card of the type MMC. This card supports about 156 minutes of
recording time in Standard Play mode or 234 minutes of recording time in Long
Play mode.
If there is no memory card inserted into the DPM, this screen is displayed:
After inserting the memory card, one of the following screens will be displayed:
If the memory card is new and has not been formatted, a confirmation dialog
for formatting the memory card is displayed; for more information, see
If the memory card has been in use before, a start screen with the
information stored on the memory card is displayed.