Philips DPM-9350 Microcassette Recorder User Manual

Chapter 5: Advanced Operations 43
DPM where the author selects the author name and subject area for each
To assign Keywords to a dictation, follow these steps:
1. Press the Jog Dial for about 2 seconds to access the DPM menu and
display the Keyword's usage definition, for example: Author
Note: If a Keyword assignment has already been made, the current
assignment is displayed as the menu entry, for example: AUTHOR:
2. Confirm the Keyword selection by pressing the Jog Dial. The Keyword's
content definitions are displayed, for example, the author names: Jones,
Singh, Watson
3. Move the Jog Dial to scroll to the name you want to assign.
4. Confirm your selection by pressing the Jog Dial and to return to the DPM
main menu.