Philips DPM-9350 Microcassette Recorder User Manual

Chapter 3: Getting Started 17
Accessing the DPM menu
You can access the DPM menu by pressing the Jog Dial for about 2 seconds.
The DPM menu can only be accessed when the DPM is in Stop mode.
To move between the DPM menu entries, move the Jog Dial up or down:
To select a menu entry, for example the date and time setting, go to this
menu entry by moving the Jog Dial up or down. Then press the Jog Dial to
confirm the selection. This enables you to access the menu entry and
change the settings for it. Confirm the changes by pressing the Jog Dial; this
returns you to the DPM main menu.
To exit a menu entry selection without confirming the changes, press the
DEL button on the DPM. This exits the DPM main menu and discards any
Note: If no menu entry selection is made within 10 seconds, the DPM
automatically exits the DPM menu and goes back into Stop mode.
To exit the DPM menu, do one of the following:
Select the menu entry for exiting the DPM menu and confirm the selection
by pressing the Jog Dial:
Press the DEL button.