Philips DPM-9350 Microcassette Recorder User Manual

14 DPM 9350/00 - User Manual
8 Current file number. The current file will always be the last file you worked
on. If you do not jump to a different file, this file will be opened
9 EOL (End-of-Letter) indication and Priority assignment.
10 Recording or playback time of the current dictation.
11 Status indication bar which provides a graphical display for the space left
on the memory card. When recording, playback, winding etc. is done in the
sound file, this bar displays the corresponding symbols and actions.
12 Remaining recording time on the memory card depending on the setting
for the recording mode (Standard Play or Long Play).
13 The current Keyword 1 assignment.
If you inserted and formatted a new memory card, moving the Jog Dial (Skip
Forward) or pressing the REC button will automatically generate a new file.
After a file has been created by pressing the REC button, the DPM is already in
Record Standby mode.