Philips DPM-9350 Microcassette Recorder User Manual

36 DPM 9350/00 - User Manual
Fast Forward and Fast Rewind
The 4-Position Switch on the DPM also supports fast forwarding and fast
rewinding through a sound file. Move the switch to the Fast Forward or Fast
Rewind position to start winding and hold it at that position to carry out the
winding operation. When the end or beginning of the file is reached, winding
stops automatically.
This is the DPM display in Fast Forward mode:
This is the DPM display in Fast Rewind mode:
The winding speed starts at 5 times the playback speed. After 2 seconds it is
accelerated to 10 times the playback speed; after 8 seconds to 20 times and
after 30 seconds to 100 times the playback speed.