GE ge multilin Electronic Accessory User Manual

NetDDE: A version of Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) that allows
communications between applications running on different PCs over network
NT Service: A designated piece of software which runs in the background of
Windows NT and can be set to automatically start when the machine is booted
up. For example, the PMCS DDE Server can be set to operate as a Windows NT
Service, rather than a manually launched application. Another advantage of NT
Services is that they are persistent across multiple user logins and logouts; that
is, PMCS DDE Server when operating as a Windows NT Service will not shut
down when a user logs off.
ODBC: Open Database Connectivity. An inter-application communication
protocol required for certain PMCS client applications to share data.
Automatically installed and configured as part of the PMCS installation routine.
PMCS: Power Management Control System. GE’s high-performance power-
management system for Windows 2000, including open network protocols,
waveform capture and analysis, event logging, and several optional modules.
POWER LEADER: The family of GE power-management devices, including
meters, relays, trip units, and software.
RS485: An industry-standard communication network supporting up to 32-
networked devices. RS485 provides medium-speed, reliable communication
transport through shielding, balanced transmission voltages, and termination.
SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. A category of systems that
primarily acquires data for logging and analysis, as well as providing
supervisory control in applications without time-critical requirements. Power-
management systems are a direct application of SCADA technology.
TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol. An industry-
standard protocol typically used on Ethernet or Token-Ring local-area networks
Waveform Capture: A standard PMCS application that provides a window into
power-quality data in an electrical system. Waveform Capture is used to view
snapshots of voltage and current waveforms from various points in an electrical
system to analyze harmonics and unusual system behavior.
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