GE ge multilin Electronic Accessory User Manual

EPM Software Components Configuration
The EPM 7700, EPM 7600 and EPM 7500 requires several separate software
components which are installed during the PMCS setup. This section provides a
brief overview of the steps required to configure these components; the
following section describes the EPM software components in greater detail.
For details of using the NetBuilder software, refer to the Configuring the EPM
7700 Device Network section of this manual, and to DEH-440035, the GE 7700
Gateway User’s Guide.
1. Launch the NetBuilder application. From the Start menu, select
Programs>Power Management Ltd>Utilities>Network Builder.
2. Insert a workstation(s). Normally all the workstations in a PMCS network
are automatically configured during the installation of the software – these
instructions are provided in case you need to enter the information
manually. Select the Items menu from NetBuilder, and choose Workstation
to insert a workstation. Name the workstation (up to 15 alphanumeric
characters, the first character must be alphabetic), and choose OK. Repeat
this step for each workstation (computer) in your network.
3. Insert Ethernet Sites. Select Items>Insert>Ethernet Site to insert an Ethernet
site. Set the proper time synchronization options, then choose OK. Repeat
this step to add additional sites to the workstation if necessary.
4. Insert devices to the site. Select Items>Insert>Device, and complete the
dialog box with the proper device type, Group, Ethernet address and name
for an Ethernet device (EPM 7700, EPM 7600 or EPM 7500). The device
name may be no more than eight alphanumeric characters, and the first
character must be alphabetic. The IP service port field must be "7700" for
any device connected to the Ethernet, and "7800" for any additional device
connected through an EPM 7700’s RS485 port. Choose OK to close the
Insert Device dialog box. Repeat this step as necessary to add additional
devices to the site.
5. Save and exit. When all workstations, sites, and devices have been added,
select the save icon and then exit.
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