GE ge multilin Electronic Accessory User Manual

your eLicense Option screen (see below). This screen allows you to either trial
or fully license your PMCS software.
720 Hours (30-Day) Trial
You have the option to Trial PMCS for 720 Hours (30 days) through the 720
Hours Trial selection on this screen. All functionality of PMCS is available to
trial users and all configurations made for the software will be maintained from
one use to the next. A single trial is registered to each PC and may not be
uninstalled and re-installed for another trial.
Licensing via the Web
Choose the Web License option if you have a working Internet connection on
your PMCS computer. This option will automatically connect you to General
Electric Industrial Systems’ eLicense distribution system. Once connected, an
automated process will retrieve your unique PMCS eLicense key.
24 Installing the Software CIMPLICITY PMCS Read-This-Book-First