GE ge multilin Electronic Accessory User Manual

16. The Selected Components screen offers you the opportunity to verify the
installation settings before any files are copied to your hard drive. Confirm
that the installation settings are correct, then click Next. The installation
program copies the appropriate files to your hard drive.
If you have selected the EPM 7700 System Components (either manually when
performing a Custom install or automatically when PMCS with EPM 7700
Components install is selected), the installer will check your system for a copy
of Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 3.02 or higher. This is because the EPM
7700 software components use .html-format help files which require Internet
Explorer to view. If Internet Explorer is not found, the following dialog box
If you wish to view the EPM 7700 software help files, you should separately
install Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 3.02 or higher. (To take advantage
of all available help system features, Internet Explorer version 4.0 or higher is
required.) Internet Explorer is not included as part of PMCS. You may obtain
the latest version of Internet Explorer by downloading it from
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