GE ge multilin Electronic Accessory User Manual

Building the Power-Monitoring Network in
When Network Builder is running, you can begin configuring your EPM system
by adding a site to the workstation, then adding devices to the site. For larger
systems multiple sites are added; one for each network of devices monitored.
NOTE: The PMCS installation wizard creates initial entries for the workstation
and software nodes. If you do not need to make changes to the information
provided during installation, skip this section and begin with the section title
"Adding an Ethernet Site".
Adding a Workstation
When you use the PMCS installation wizard to install a Primary node or Full
Station Secondary node, it creates a Workstation in the Network Configuration
for you. Stationless Secondary nodes do not appear in the network configuration
as workstations, but as software nodes under the Primary workstation. See the
section on software nodes for more information.
To add a new workstation, right click “System” and choose “Insert
Workstation” from the pop-up menu. The “System – Add Workstation” dialog
box appears as shown below. Type the network name of the computer in the
“Name” field. (Use the default settings on the “Advanced” tab.) Click “OK, then
proceed to “Adding Software Nodes” below.
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