GE ge multilin Electronic Accessory User Manual

PMCS 6.15 Envelope definition
1) Physical System Size
75 power management devices (IEDs) (100 max),
150 I/O points (through IEDs or PLCs)
64 ethernet serial communications ports,
2 Modbus Monitors (maximum) using standard Modbus Monitor Proxy
2) HMI Application Size -
20,000 points/tags in HMI database (30K Max)
600 HMI alarms configured max
600 trended points (8 max per device)
HMI I/O rates, alarm rates, and logging rates not to exceed 750 pts/sec
13 HMI screens in CIMPLICITY utilizing Power Builder -10 device
type and 50 user screens
150 HMI screens in InTouch
5 DDE ports in CIMPLICITY with no more than 10 devices
configured per port
10% of tags connected to enterprise solution
Web-enabled only via CIMPLICITY WebView - no waveform or
event viewers
Maximum of one Viewer node
3) Special Application Issues
No redundancy
Components to be run as NT services by default
4) Performance
Response times:
1 second or less to open an HMI screen
1 seconds update time to populate a screen per device per serial
port*(Except for UR Device)
4 to 7 second time delay to display event in PMCS Event Viewer
1 second response time to make device change (settings/ command
coil) not including device feedback
1000 device events/ sec burst support
Maximum 15 devices per serial port
Device baud rates set to maximum
CIMPLICITY HMI points set for on-demand
Devices supporting 125 register block reads
Average CPU utilization <35%
99% system uptime
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