GE ge multilin Electronic Accessory User Manual

Workstation Configuration Guidelines
If you are using the EPM 7700, EPM 7600 or EPM 7500 Meters in your PMCS
network, the following guidelines in this section must be adhered to before
continuing with the EPM configuration.
NOTE: If you are adding a PMCS installation to an existing network, please
refer your network administrator to GEH-6502, the PMCS Network Architecture
Guide, for integration details.
Each computer in the network must be assigned a Windows 2000
SP4 computer name. The name must be one to fifteen
alphanumeric characters in length. Spaces may not be used, and
the first character of the computer name may not be numeric.
The System Control Panel should have the Performance Boost for
Foreground Application value set to None, and a paging file
should be created on the C: drive with the Initial and Maximum
sizes set to twice the workstation’s installed RAM.
The Network Control Panel’s Adapter tab should have the MS
Loopback adapter installed if a physical network adapter is not
installed in the workstation. Under the Protocols tab, TCP/IP or
NetBEUI should be installed; if TCP/IP is installed, use IP address and subnet mask unless your
network administrator has assigned you an IP address. Under the
Services tab, install Remote Access Server (RAS) and configure it
by enabling NetBEUI (if using NetBEUI or, if TCP/IP is used,
assign two or more IP addresses, starting at and
working down. Set RAS to start automatically and set access to
“entire network” (if available).
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