GE ge multilin Electronic Accessory User Manual

Reinstallation Steps
Follow the procedure below to reinstall your PMCS software.
1. If your system includes the PMCS Interface Toolkit, uninstall the
CIMPLICITY Wizards from any third-party HMI tools.
2. Close any open applications.
3. Insert the PMCS Version 6.15 CD into the CD-ROM drive.
4. From Start menu, select Run and enter X:\setup (where X is the
appropriate CD-ROM drive designation).
5. Read the general information and disclaimers shown on the screen and click
6. Enter your name, your company name, and the serial number located on the
PMCS CD jewel case, then click Next. If you make an error in the serial
number, the installation routine will prompt you for a correct PMCS serial
7. Choose the installation type; either PMCS, PMCS with EPM 7700
Components, or Custom installation. PMCS or PMCS with EPM 7700
Components installation will reinstall all components of the appropriate
PMCS catalog number. Select Custom if you wish to reinstall only selected
PMCS software components.
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