GE ge multilin Electronic Accessory User Manual

EPM Device-
Special Considerations
The GE EPM 7700, EPM 7600 and EPM 7500 devices add new level of power
management capabilities to PMCS. These EPM devices also require some
special configuration which is not necessary for other PMCS-compatible
devices. This section describes the additional requirements and configuration
steps necessary to use the EPM 7700, EPM 7600 and EPM 7500 in conjunction
with PMCS.
NOTE: If you are not using the EPM 7700, EPM 7600 or EPM 7500 meters in
your PMCS network, it is not necessary to read this section of the manual.
Although the EPM 7700, EPM 7600 and EPM 7500 meters are compatible with
PMCS and its client applications (Waveform Capture, custom wizards, etc.),
and EPM 7700, EPM 7600 and EPM 7500 meters may co-exist on the same
Ethernet as other PMCS network segments, the EPM 7700, EPM 7600 and EPM
7500 use a slightly different metaphor than a straight PMCS network. An EPM
device power-monitoring network is comprised of a number of nodes that are
connected to the PMCS workstation through Ethernet links. Nodes in the
power-monitoring network are IEDs such as the EPM 7700 meter (power
meters are also referred to ‘meters’ or ‘devices’). IEDs may be distributed
across one or more networks as required to service the particular application.
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