GE ge multilin Electronic Accessory User Manual

If No is selected and clicked on finish it will prompt the below message box and will
again redirect to the above dialog asking to restart. So select Yes to restart at this
After restarting your computer, be sure to view the ReadMe file to check any late-
breaking information useful to the configuration or operation of your PMCS system.
NOTE: Your computer MUST be restarted after installing PMCS software. This step is
critical to proper operation of the software, as it enables the following to happen:
The operating system will register the new software components.
The MMS Server (if installed) will update its alias table.
Initial network configurations for EPM7700, EPM 7600 and EPM 7500 devices will
be created.
It will startup the main Application of the PMCS system which is EnerVista Status
Tool which enables the use of all the other PMCS components.
CIMPLICITY PMCS Read-This-Book-First Installing the Software 43