GE ge multilin Electronic Accessory User Manual

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The following are products of General Electric Company:
Meter 239 Motor Protection Relay GE Fanuc Series 90/30 PLC
POWER LEADER Modbus Monitor 269 Plus Motor Management Relay GE Fanuc Series 90/70 PLC
Power Meter
369 Motor Management Relay Power Quality Meter (PQM)
Spectra MicroVersaTrip SR469 Motor Management Relay EPM 7300 Electronic Power Meter
EPM 7600 Electronic Power Meter EPM 7500 Electronic Power Meter EPM 7330 Electronic Power Meter
Enhanced MicroVersaTrip-C SR489 Generator Management Relay EPM 7700 Electronic Power Meter
Enhanced MicroVersaTrip-D 565 Feeder Management Relay EPM 3710 Electronic Power Meter
MDP Overcurrent Relay 735 Feeder Relay EPM 3720 Electronic Power Meter
SR750/SR760 Feeder Management
SR745 Transformer Management Relay Spectra Electronic Control Module
Universal Relay EPM7430D/EPM7450D (Futura) Motor Manager II (MMII)
GE-Zenith MX200 (Microprocessor
GE-Zenith Generator PLC (Series 90-
EPM5350P (DMMS350) EPM5000P (DMWH300) EPM9450Q (Nexus1250)
EPM9650Q (Nexus1252) EPM8000 (PQMII) F650 Bay Controller
Remote RTD Motor Manager III (MMIII) 737 Feeder Relay
Entellisys Low Voltage Switchgear MIFII Feeder Management Relay EPM 2000 Digital Power Meter
EPM 1000 Sub-Meter EPM 4000 Sub-Meter EPM 6000 Multifunction Electricity
GE-Zenith MX250 GE-Zenith MX150 SMR2