Sony P C V- 7 7 6 7 Personal Computer User Manual

Sony VAIO Desktop User Guide
Using your VAIO desktop
Using the CD and DVD drives
Depending on your model*, your computer is equipped with one of the following combinations:
DVD-ROM and CD-RW drive
DVD-RW and CD-ROM drive
The DVD-RW drive reads data from a DVD and writes to a DVD-R or DVD-RW disc.
The CD-RW drive reads data from a CD and writes to a CD-R or CD-RW disc.
The CD-ROM drive reads data from a music CD or other CD-ROM.
The DVD-ROM drive reads data from a DVD or CD.
To insert a disc, proceed as follows:
1 Turn on the computer.
2 Press the appropriate eject button to open the drive.
The tray slides out.
3 Place a disc in the tray with the label side facing upwards. Make sure the disc is secure in the centre of
the tray.
4 Close the tray by pushing it gently or by pressing the eject button.
When the computer is in Standby or Hibernate mode, you cannot insert or remove a disc.
Be sure to seat the disc firmly in the tray. If you do not seat the disc firmly, you could damage your disc drive and you may not be able to open the tray.
When you have finished using a disc, wait until the LED indicator turns off before pressing the eject button to remove the disc.
If the disc does not come out when you press the eject button, go to Windows Explorer or My Computer. Select the drive, click the right button
of your mouse and select Eject.
* See the Specifications poster for details on your model.