Sony P C V- 7 7 6 7 Personal Computer User Manual

Sony VAIO Desktop User Guide
Getting help
My modem cannot establish a connection
The modem dialling mode may be incompatible with your telephone line.
The modem may not work properly if you are behind a Private Automatic Branch exchange (PABX).
Make sure that the modem is the only device connected to your telephone line.
My modem connection is slow
Many factors influence modem connection speed, including telephone line noise or compatibility with
telephone equipment (such as fax machines or other modems). If you think your modem is not connecting
properly to other PC-based modems, fax machines, or your Internet Service Provider, check the following:
Have your phone company check that your phone line is free from any line noise.
If your problem is fax-related, check that there are no problems with the fax machine you are calling and
that it is compatible with fax modems.
If you are having a problem connecting with your Internet Service Provider, check that the ISP is not
experiencing technical problems.
If you have a second phone line available, try connecting the modem to that line.
About peripherals
I cannot use DV devices. The message 'DV equipment seems to be disconnected or turned off' appears.
Check that the DV device is turned on and that the cables are properly connected.
If you are using multiple i.LINK™ devices, the combination of the connected devices may cause unstable
operation. If this is the case, turn off all connected devices and disconnect unused devices. Check the
connection and then turn on the power again.
You are strongly advised to use only Sony i.LINK™ cables, as using other brands may cause problems with
the i.LINK™ devices.