Sony P C V- 7 7 6 7 Personal Computer User Manual

Sony VAIO Desktop User Guide
Using your VAIO desktop
5 Click the nView tab.
6 Select the Clone mode check box.
7 Go to the GeForce4 MX 460 tab.
8 Click Additional Properties, then Video Mirror Controls.
The Full Screen Video Mirror Control dialog box appears.
9 Make your required settings here.
Using the floppy disk drive
Your VAIO desktop is equipped with a floppy disk drive.
Inserting a floppy disk
To insert a floppy disk, proceed as follows:
1 Hold the floppy disk with the label side facing up.
2 Gently push the disk into the floppy disk drive until it clicks into place.
Removing a floppy disk
To remove a floppy disk, proceed as follows:
1 Wait until the LED indicator turns off.
2 Press the eject button to remove the floppy disk.
Do not press the eject button when the LED indicator is turned on. Otherwise, data may be lost.