Sony P C V- 7 7 6 7 Personal Computer User Manual

Sony VAIO Desktop User Guide
Using your VAIO desktop
Generic Memory Stick™
The original Memory Stick™, blue in colour, can be used to record image data taken with digital still
cameras, etc. or data from the PC. With it, you can record, play back and transfer various kinds of data at
any given time.
Because it is easy to remove and transport safely, you can use Memory Stick™ anywhere by inserting it into
any compatible device to transfer and share the information you have saved.
For you, this means you can expand the capabilities of your VAIO computer in the following scenarios:
With your still digital camera, share your holiday pictures instantly by e-mail.
From your handycam to your VAIO, make the most of your captured moments with the VAIO's movie
editing tools.
Carry pictures on you by copying image files from the Internet to your VAIO to your CLIE handheld.
With your voice recorder, add your voice to e-mails so your tone is never misunderstood.
The blue Memory Stick™ is currently available with 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 or a 128 MB memory (the equivalent
capacity of 88 floppy disks).
Generic Memory Sticks™ cannot be used with the Memory Stick™ Walkman, or with data that is protected by copyright.