Sony P C V- 7 7 6 7 Personal Computer User Manual

Sony VAIO Desktop User Guide
Using your VAIO desktop
the logo printed on it
and a protruding dot located on the back.
MagicGate is a copyright protection technology that complies with the standards set by SDMI (Secure Digital Music Initiative, an organisation working
to draw up industry standard specifications in order to protect copyrights of digital music).
The logo indicates the copyright protection system devised by Sony. It is not meant to guarantee compatibility with other media.
MagicGate refers to the copyright protection technology used by the MagicGate Memory Stick™ and other
MagicGate Memory Stick™ compatible devices.
The Memory Stick™ Walkman and MagicGate Memory Stick™ work together to check the data and ensure
it complies with copyright protection.
If no problems are detected, the data is exchanged in encrypted form; if authentication is not passed, data
cannot be exchanged or played back.
This is a copyright protection technology that is used to manage the digital music content downloaded to
the PC from CDs, the Internet and/or other sources.
Software installed on the PC records music content in encrypted form onto the hard disk. As well as allowing
you to enjoy music on the PC, this technology protects against unauthorised distribution on the Internet.
Since it is compatible with MagicGate, you can use OpenMG/SonicStage to transfer music that you have
downloaded onto your PC to your MG Memory Stick™, and playback on other MagicGate-equipped devices
and media.