Sony P C V- 7 7 6 7 Personal Computer User Manual

Sony VAIO Desktop User Guide
Upgrading your VAIO computer
5 Locate the notch on the bottom edge of the memory module (1).
6 Align the memory module over the slot, making sure the module is facing the correct way (2).
7 Press evenly against the memory module's upper corners. The end latches snap into position
automatically, as shown (3):
8 Reinstall the power supply and any add-on cards or components you removed.
9 Reinstall the power supply by following these steps:
Rotate the power supply to its original position and slide it into the chassis until the tab snaps into
position. Make sure you do not damage the power cables in the process.
Replace the screw that secures the power supply to the rear of the chassis.
10 Replace the side cover as described in Closing the side cover (page 77).