Sony P C V- 7 7 6 7 Personal Computer User Manual

Sony VAIO Desktop User Guide
Connecting peripheral devices
Connecting an i.LINK™ device
Your VAIO computer includes a 4-pin i.LINK™ port on the front of the system and a 6-pin i.LINK™ port on
the back of the system. Use these connectors to connect an i.LINK™ device such as a digital video camera
recorder or to link up two VAIO computers so you can copy, delete or edit files.
The 6-pin i.LINK™ connector on the back of your system can:
Supply power from the computer to the connected device if the device has a 6-pin connector, and
Supply 10V to 12V.
The 4-pin i.LINK™ port cannot supply power to a connected device.
The i.LINK™ connectors supports transfer rates up to 400 Mbps; however, the actual transfer rate depends
on the transfer rate of the external device.
The i.LINK™ features available may vary depending on the software applications you use. Refer to the
documentation that came with your software for more information.
The i.LINK™ cables that are compatible with your VAIO desktop include cables with the following part
numbers: VMC-IL4415, VMC-IL4435, VMC-IL4615, VMC-IL4635, VMC-IL6615, and VMC-IL6635. Sony computer
supplies, accessories and peripherals can be purchased from your local retailer or from the Sony website:
An i.LINK™ connection with other compatible devices is not fully guaranteed.
You are strongly advised to use only Sony i.LINK™ cables, as using other brands may cause problems with the i.LINK™ devices.
The i.LINK™ connection varies depending on the software applications, operating system and i.LINK™ compatible devices you use. Refer to the
documentation that came with your software for more information.
Check the working conditions and OS compatibility of i.LINK™-compatible PC peripherals (HDD, CD-RW drive etc.) before you connect them to your
VAIO desktop.